Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi eveyone... Thanks for the visit!! I have a couple "Turkey Day" cards to share... these are from my archive collection! The first card I made 2-3 years ago and the 2nd card I made last year. The first card was inspired out of Paper Crafts. (Not sure on which month/year this was as this is where I got the pattern to make my turkey face.) He's so adorable! Very simple layering and the most work was cutting the pieces out.
My second card is another very SIMPLE lay-out for mailing multiple cards. I just LOVE the saying "I'm not fat... I'm Fluffy!" That's what I like to say when I add a few pounds over the holidays!! WOWZA! :)
Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!!! I won't be posting till Friday. I wish you a safe and happy "LONG" weekend of R&R and stamping... remember to smile!!! :)

Michelle :)


Alberta said...

Absolutely adorable - both of them. I think I'll use the "fluffy" comment this Thanksgiving. Somehow...I don't think it will have the same punch as it does for the turkey! Happy Holidays to you!

Nancy Riley said...

Michelle, these Thanksgiving cards are super cute!

FYI ... this post and all posts after 10/17 showed up on my Google Reader! woohoo!!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family!

Joan Ervin said...

What awesome cards, Michelle...for some reason, I just love Thanksgiving cards...they are so warm and fuzzy...or should I say fluffy!!! Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Ramona Michaluk said...

Love the turkey with the big yellow beak - really cute! It brought a smile to my face but I guess he wasn't smiling once he realised where he was going to spend the Thanksgiving holiday. LOL.